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‘My husband and I are grateful every day that we chose a Fereos building’

Since we bought our penthouse on the third floor 10 years ago still before the building was finished, there has never been a moment of regret. Not any issues during the building process, we got our keys a week before the agreed date. The quality of our apartment and our house we can express only with superlatives.
Maria Petropoulou Owner of an apartment

‘Creating a building with A. Fereos Developers means a valuable asset for our company’

Due to Fereos' good taste and eye for perfection we are confident that we deliver a property with distinctive esthetical value. Fereos' properties are seen as gems of the city area.
Marios Varnavides Contractor

‘Beautiful life in a prestigious home’

We sought for a property which would keep its value over the coming decades and have found it after a lengthy process of orientation on the construction market of Nicosia. Alexandros is part of a famous family of architects, and you feel that looking at each building which was designed and constructed under his supervision. We are proud that we got acquainted to him and our investment in his projects has been one of our most sensible decisions.
Zoran Stojanovic Owner of two apartments

‘Perfect harmony expressed in each apartment’

As we have worked on many properties together for more than 14 years now, Alexandros and I know how to create a symbiose of highness between the construction materials and the inner spaces. The harmony of planning and used materials reflects the high standard which A. Fereos Developers guarantee.
Philippos Christianos In-house designer
  • Best locations in Nicosia
  • High-quality materials and skillful craftsmanship
  • Large and comfortable living spaces
  • Reliable investment and professional advice
  • Beautiful Design combined with hi-tech services
  • Successful on-time delivery with commitment to details